What is this book about?

This Book is about the origin of the International Date Line and the mesmerizing way our shared common tradition about the counting of days with the week corroborate with the Sabbath in Israel to find Eden. The Sabbath in Israel points to Eden when understood is the proper way to remember the Sabbath as the Jews have done to this day in Israel unaware of the separation in Israel between remembering the Sabbath of Eden at Israel and the local seventh-day established in Eden. In Eden the Sabbath and the seventh-day of the week are the same, but in Israel they are not the same, the Sabbath remembered is 10 hours earlier than the local seventh-day of the week. It is my goal for this book to convince you that Jews are not remembering the Sabbath correctly in sites other than Israel. The Jewish tradition of doing the same thing everywhere else they do in Israel contradicts the biblical evidence that demands something different on every site around the world. By understanding the proper biblical Sabbath we can find the time zone of Eden from Israel and learn the previously unappreciated deeper significance of the International Date Line.

Who should read this book?

This book is for everyone who loves facts, especially one on our shared common origin, revealed in the ancient book of the Bible that gives the reason for the site of the International Date Line.

How to understand this book?

This book assumes you know the basics, like how to find a quotation in the Bible by its end notation to read its larger context by book, chapter, and verse. The text in the Bible enumerated down to a verse, aids in collaborating with others on the study of the Bible. A short note at the end of a quotation gives the name of the book, often abbreviated, followed by the chapter and verse within one of the books of the Bible. For example: “John 3:16 NIV” means the book of John, book 43 of 66 total, then chapter 3 and verse 16. The abbreviation at the end refers to the translation version of the Bible, in this case the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible or as a possible other second example, the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible.

How do you use this book?

Read the book in the order presented; the following chapters build on the earlier chapters.

What is not covered in this book?

This book does not include all the ramifications of this discovery on the Christian faith, understood by my religious studies. Taken from my broader work, the religious chapters were completely eliminated or shorten in my effort to reach a wider audience with the facts of the discovery without burdening the reader with the religious ramifications. There are some religious parts left to help follow the reasoning undertaken. If interested in a more complete work, my other book entitled: The Sabbath: The Final Challenge I sale personally on request. My books also have a Spanish edition that I sale personally on request. All emailed PDFs.

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