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Hello, my name is Jorge Pablo Guevara, I am often called the simpler to pronounce equal, George. I was born a Seventh-day Adventist through both parents, graduated with a masters of divinity degree in 2003. I have spent much of my time, sharing the Bible with people all over the world on the internet, first in Spanish and then in English.

My story of discovery began one day while I was sharing on the internet, someone, not of my faith, known under the name of “bebelobsky”, pointed out to me that in Genesis when it says evening and morning, the first day, that period from evening to morning is only half the first day of the week of creation.

My conclusion was that he was right, from evening to morning is the night period that ended the first day of creation that began with light. Genesis reveals the days of the week of creation are from morning to morning where God starts the day creating during the light part and stops creating during each night with nothing to report during the period between evening and morning, when before He had a lot to say during the earlier period of light between morning and evening.

This understanding separates the seventh-day of the week in Israel from morning to morning and their remembering to keep the Sabbath holy from evening to evening. 10 hours earlier for the Sabbath than the seventh-day. This difference of remembering the Sabbath from Eden at Israel and their local seventh-day is what allowed obtaining the time zone of Eden from the time zone of Israel.

To my astonishment, it fell on the International Date Line (IDL), I wondered what is the basis of this IDL. This book will give you the evidence to check my work and convince yourself that the Sabbath gives Eden's place and that it falls on the IDL not by accident but because we share a common tradition about the counting of days with the week since the beginning.

The first sabbath in the book of Genesis began in Eden the same as the local seventh-day of the week of creation, but through the directions on how to remember that first Sabbath in Eden at Israel we learn that everywhere else besides Eden the Sabbath is separate from the seventh-day of the week, in the case of the site of Israel the Sabbath begins 10 hours earlier than the local seventh-day of the week in Israel. The Sabbath in Israel is no longer the same as the local seventh-day of the week in Israel, because remembered in the time zone of Eden it is, shifted earlier from the local seventh-day of the week in the site of Israel by 10 hours.

How this works in the United States is that the Sabbath is separate from the local seventh-day by 17 hours in the Eastern time zone, 18 hours in the central, 19 hours in the mountain, and finally 20 hours in the pacific time zone. The hours before the local Seventh-day to start the Sabbath change from site to site.

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