Obtained was the site of Eden from Israel while studying the Jewish seventh-day Sabbath, and it falls on the International Date Line. This convergence is astonishing and led to this book. I found out that the International Date Line is not an arbitrary decision, it comes from all of us in all our sites around the world, it comes from a shared beginning. 

It makes sense that it would come from the beginning according to the origin account of the Bible, we all have a common ancestor, Adam, who God taught to count the days of the week to remember to keep the Sabbath holy for communion with the creator and that this tradition of the week passed down to all descendants of Adam. Like all other traditions that stay with us since their beginning, this shared tradition of the week has the effect of providing us the site of Eden, corroborated by the Sabbath in Israel. Thanks to the Sabbath still kept by the Jews to this day we have learned the International Date Line's significance as the site of our origin. 

Many efforts made to find the site of Eden, the most popular based on the merging of rivers, are incompetent after the flood event mentioned in the Bible. Rivers will not help us find the site of Eden because of the flood, they could not think of a better way, but the Sabbath gives the site of Eden, when understood correctly, it turns out that the Jews have not understood the Sabbath and neither has anyone else. To discover something no one has understood before is exciting and of course I want to share it. In this book I will explain the mesmerizing way the Sabbath and the keeping count of days by all of us around the world since the beginning corroborate each other to give us the site of Eden.

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